New Panel Discussion on How We Build at Shifting Trade Seminar, June 15-16

AAPA is proud to announce a new panel discussion on How We Build: Can We Get the Cargo We Need? at the upcoming Shifting Trade Seminar. The event will cover many of the major questions being contemplated by the builders of America’s infrastructure systems. Can we get the cargo we need? How do we put half a trillion dollars of federal infrastructure investments to work? And how do we make sure building supplies are available? Through this panel, attendees will gain perspectives from the building and construction industry when it comes to whether the supply chain is up to the task of historic investment in the nation’s infrastructure.

The AAPA Shifting Trade Seminar will be held in Tampa, Fla., at the Westin Tampa Waterside, June 15-16. This event will focus on the worldwide trade lanes, global trade predictions, and the newest economic trends that affect our industry. The Seminar will also feature global carriers, supply chain partners, beneficial cargo owners, and port representatives on key themes such as global decarbonization, big picture economic forecasts, and alternative fuels and energies. 

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