‘Seriously, Where Is My Stuff?’

The question on the lips of port stakeholders everywhere – even before COVID-19 – is the impetus for a digital infrastructure project led by the Port of Long Beach that promises to add visibility at every step of a container’s journey and unkink supply chains nationwide. By David H. Coburn TRAVEL MANIA/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Eric Topp learned an important lesson doing load ...

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The Cyber Defense Trident: 3 Approaches for Mitigating Cyber Threats

Guest Article By Jason Atwell, Mandiant, Inc. During World War II, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Office of Naval Intelligence (in)famously enlisted the support of the mafia to protect the docks of New York from German and Italian saboteurs. The threat from sabotage was deemed great enough, and the situation was so dire in the early years of ...

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Standout Ports

Feature By Shaneen Calvo ISTOCK.COM/CONCEPTUALMOTION When it comes to Western Hemisphere ports, there are some that really stand out. They are the best survivors, the most innovative, the best at adapting, the tightest with their community, the bravest when it comes to incorporating cutting edge ideas, the most successful when trying new things, and the list goes on! While every ...

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