Reminder: Your Support Needed for Sign-on Letter to Advance CBP Facilities Legislation

Members of Congress and staff have recently reached out to AAPA to express interest in moving the CBP SPACE Act (H.R. 6409), which would tap existing user fees so U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) could fund their facilities at seaports and also statutorily restrict CBP’s ability to make demands of ports.

Congressional staff has made it clear that a broad demonstration of maritime support is key to moving the bill forward. AAPA has drafted a letter of support to Congressional leaders. Ports and related businesses are needed to sign on.

We ask AAPA members to send responses to Derek Miller by Wednesday, April 17 to sign on. Members are also encouraged to send their own endorsement of the bill to House Ways and Means Committee staff by reaching out to Eric Ettorre. AAPA is glad to provide suggested language upon request.