Urgent Appeal: Support the Foundation for Seaports of the Americas Emergency Relief Fund

Recent events underscore the importance of the Foundation for Seaports of the Americas Emergency Relief Fund (ERF). From aiding the recovery efforts after Typhoon Mawar at the Port of Guam to extending assistance to those affected by the wildfires in Maui and the Florida ports impacted by Hurricane Idalia, the ERF plays a pivotal role in providing swift assistance to port employees during times of need. The current balance in the Foundation account is not nearly enough as we enter the peak of hurricane season and continue to be faced with other extraordinary natural disasters.

Your support is instrumental in helping us offer financial aid that can directly impact the lives of those facing emergencies and provide essential supplies and temporary accommodations for port personnel and their families. Please consider making a generous donation to the Foundation enabling us to be well positioned to quickly respond to impacted port employees in the coming weeks or months. Donate by mailing a check to the Foundation for Seaports of the Americas, Emergency Relief Fund, 1201 Maryland Avenue, SW, Suite 860, Washington, DC 20024. If you prefer to pay by ACH or wire transfer and need instructions or require further information, contact Shannon McLeod, Vice President of Member Services.

The ERF provides a cash grant — up to $1,000, depending on need — to port employees severely impacted by a disruptive event, such as inland flooding, tropical storms and hurricanes, extreme heat events, wildfires, and earthquakes. Over the last 16 years, the ERF has distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to port employees, enabling them to find temporary accommodations or buy provisions after disasters strike. In 2021, the Fund assisted more than 315 employees at various ports with their immediate critical needs.