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Juan Duarte, CEO of Duaga, Joins Professional Development Board

Duaga’s CEO Juan Duarte, PPM, has been appointed to AAPA’s Professional Development Board, making him the first South American to serve on the board. The Professional Development Board is made up of industry experts—including directors of leading ports such as Long Beach, Everglades, Virginia, and Miami—and works to promote the growth of port professionals in order to generate a positive impact on the maritime ...

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AAPA Seaports Magazine,September 2019: Revolutionary Ports

FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK: Revolutionary Ideas Shaping the Future of Ports By Kurt J. Nagle As I reached out to Siri the other day for directions to a meeting, I was stunned by how quickly “she” knew what I was asking and spit out the directions. After I arrived without incident to my destination, I was struck by how much ...

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