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Juan Duarte, CEO of Duaga, Joins Professional Development Board

Duaga’s CEO Juan Duarte, PPM, has been appointed to AAPA’s Professional Development Board, making him the first South American to serve on the board. The Professional Development Board is made up of industry experts—including directors of leading ports such as Long Beach, Everglades, Virginia, and Miami—and works to promote the growth of port professionals in order to generate a positive impact on the maritime ...

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Port Leadership Conference Recap

Port leaders must be able to navigate many challenges — including increased competition from other ports around the world, limited funding for infrastructure improvements, and changing global trade patterns — and develop strategies tailored to the unique needs of their ports. Last week, AAPA held its first Port Leadership Summit (formerly the Executive Management Conference) in Portland, Oregon, to provide ...

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Leading by Example

By Nick Fortuna PHILIP STEURY PHOTOGRAPHY/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Paul Matthews said that without the support of two key mentors, he wouldn’t have become the first Black chief executive of a port in Louisiana. So, as he entered his second year at the helm of the Port of South Louisiana in January, Matthews was determined to pay it forward. Matthews, 39, left a ...

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