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Topping the Power Trip

Feature New Energy Opportunities at Ports Are Driving Decarbonization Initiatives By Lori Musser ISTOCK.COM/ROMOLOTAVANI Industries everywhere are decarbonizing. Seaports are no exception; they are driving decarbonization initiatives of every shape and size. Ports are transitioning to cleaner fuels for cranes, equipment, fleets and general port operations. Some even block access for trucks that pollute. Some are building new energy bunkering ...

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Post Your RFPs Here!

If you recently won a request for proposal (RFP) – or are a port that recently awarded an RFP – let us help you share the good news! In this new section in AAPA Seaports Magazine, we will publish the results of RFPs recently awarded/won for jobs related to projects at ports.

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Apprenticeship Programs: Tried, True and Effective

Apprenticeship Programs: Tried, True and Effective A centuries-old method of training skilled workers could help supply ports and their maritime partners with the modern workforce they need. * By Mary Lou Jay * Apprenticeships have long been a well-established and well-respected route to good jobs, but for a time they fell out of favor because of the perception that college ...

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