GUEST VIEWPOINT: Around the World With Jean Godwin

Jean Godwin, AAPA’s executive vice president for almost 30 years, is stepping down from this role in April – while staying on as AAPA’s general counsel. She shares some beautifully refreshing and insightful perspectives in this candid interview.

* By Shani Calvo *

You may know her as the warm and beaming soul who seems to be everywhere at once, supplying quick (and often witty) answers to almost every question you throw her way. Or, you may know her as the incredibly efficient and knowledgeable lawyer, who knows just what questions to throw your way to figure out how to best navigate a legal issue. And if you know her both ways, you probably have a good idea as to why (and how) Jean Godwin has excelled in her role as AAPA’s executive vice president for nearly 29 years.

What you may not know, however, is that Jean will be stepping down as AAPA executive vice president in April 2019, but will remain as AAPA’s general counsel.

After spending the last 38 years immersed in the industry – in a variety of roles — Jean has explored and deciphered almost all aspects of the port industry, and calls upon this vast amount of knowledge whenever decisions are being made. She also has treasure troves of information from just about every “corner” of the globe – thanks to her addiction to and love of travel. The combination of the two has led her to be able to provide interesting perspectives and insights about people, business and life. And her answers to the questions below reflect this insight, which is intriguing and beautifully refreshing.

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