Cyber Intelligence Expert Jason Atwell to Speak at Port Security Seminar, July 14-16

Jason Atwell, Senior Manager of Government and Mandiant Threat Intelligence with FireEye, Inc., will give an exclusive briefing at the AAPA Security Seminar and Expo, July 14-16, on What’s Happening Now in Cyber Security and What Does the Future Hold? In his presentation, Atwell will share his expert insights on the current cybersecurity threat landscape and provide guidance on how ports can further enhance their port security posture.  

Attend AAPA’s Port Security Seminar and Expo July 14-16 in New York City to hear more exclusive perspectives from industry experts on cyber and other port security topics. For more information about the 2021 Port Security Seminar and Expo, a draft agenda is available online

Atwell has over 17 years of experience in cyber and risk intelligence from across the military, government, and commercial sectors. His intelligence analysis is utilized by many of the world’s top government and commercial entities to defend against targeted attacks. Register Here