AAPA Welcomes New Port Member and Two ISP Members: CODEBA, InductEV, Híades

Companhia das Docas do Estado da Bahia (CODEBA) operates one of Brazil’s largest port complexes in the state of Bahia in Northeast Brazil, comprised of the public ports of Salvador, Aratu-Candeias and Ilhéus, as well as five Private Use Terminals. The complex includes the Baía de Todos os Santos Port System, made up of the discontinued Aratu-Candeias/Salvador port, as well as Petrobrás (Temadre and the Gasification Terminal), Ford, Dow Química, Moinho Dias Branco, and Gerdau (Usiba).

InductEV is revolutionizing how electric commercial, port, and intermodal fleet vehicles charge their batteries. With its proprietary on-route wireless solution now deployed throughout North America and Europe and with 18 U.S. patents and 23 pending, the King of Prussia, PA-based company is the global leader in high-power, high-speed wireless, EV charging, and AI-software-powered energy management. The company just opened one of the world’s first R&D centers for wireless vehicle charging. 

Híades is a consulting firm specialized in business development and management that uses the most advanced Business Intelligence tools to provide its clients with the knowledge and tools that allow them to achieve their strategic and operational objectives maximizing profit.