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Dredging: Striking a Balance

Ports are taking ownership of their dredging projects and making sure they are not only beneficial to the shipping industry but are also only minimally invasive to the surrounding wildlife and environment.

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The Dredging Scoop

Routine, yet never repetitive, dredging operations challenge ports and encourage them to work together, communicate, plan and persevere. Photo courtesy of Jim Jagar, Port of Alaska By Sandy Smith At the Port of Alaska, dredging is an annual occurrence. Under a contract funded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, more than 1 million cubic yards of material is removed ...

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Fresh Perspectives

By Lori Musser Once in a while, every seaport faces a fresh problem, or has a wrench thrown into the works creating a situation that just can’t be solved conventionally. While in-house talent typically tackles the tough issues, sometimes an outside perspective is needed to bring about the best solution. This appears to be especially true of digital and technology ...

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