Seaports Magazine, Spring 2018

FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK: The Thrill of Shattering Records

We are seeing a lot of exciting superlatives at AAPA headquarters as our members’ cargo and cruise levels return to or far exceed pre-recession levels. In many cases, ports are announcing that they are setting records for the organization in its history.

Business these days is booming.

By Kurt J. Nagle, President & CEO, American Association of Port Authorities

And while this boom is certainly exciting, it presents challenges, too. Commissions and communities may come to expect a high level of performance, which may be difficult to sustain. Ports may push up against the limits of their physical space or their ability to grow. Industry partners may expect ports to use their success to grow in areas that the port doesn’t know well or hasn’t had much experience in.

At AAPA, we have been reminding ourselves to pause for a moment and “ring the awesome bell” when things go well, before moving on to the next challenge or opportunity. At this moment in 2018, I think the industry can ring a collective “awesome bell” at the new highs being announced by our members. This issue of Seaports is a celebration of the industry’s success. Whether your port has already had its own medal ceremony moment or is just coming up on a major milestone or new record, I encourage you to revel for a moment in your accomplishments as an organization and an industry.

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