AAPA Seaports Magazine, Q1 2020: Designing Today for Tomorrow

The theme of this issue is Designing Today for Tomorrow. Seaports are constantly challenged with envisioning future needs sometimes decades in advance in order to adequately prepare. This issue of Seaports Magazine focuses on some of the ways ports are mastering this skill from an environmentally responsible perspective, the technology front and the planning angle. Plus, we have a new Maritime Research column with loads of good information related to connecting data to actionable steps. 
The centerspread feature is about the financial aspects of running an efficient port, which complements the AAPA 2020 Finance seminar that was originally scheduled for April 15-16 in Seattle. Due to COVID-19 it has been postponed, but new dates are being solidified and will be shared as soon as they are cemented.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Momentum and Optimism on the Rise at AAPA

*By Chris Connor, President & CEO American Association of Port Authorities*

Change – even when you know it’s coming – is never an easy thing.

At AAPA, we have gone through a period of considerable change, and I will readily admit there were certainly periods of tension and anxiety for all of the staff here in Alexandria. As you know, we are a relatively small team – 16 staff in all. So, when you turnover nearly 40% of the personnel within a short period of time, it is bound to create some turbulence. And it did.

But in the aftermath of all the changes, a reenergized and resolute AAPA has emerged. The team here in Alexandria, now a blend of veterans and newcomers, is now singularly focused on delivering on our business strategy and providing the best possible experience for members at all our events. Along the way, there have been several defining moments – most notably a one-day, off-site staff retreat in early January – but at a certain point in time, it just kind of clicked. And now we are functioning well, and the spirit and camaraderie amongst the team is great to see, and fun to observe.

I have been in the workplace for nearly 40 years now and have worked for some well-known global brands. One thing I have learned along the way is this: You can’t fake camaraderie and a good workplace culture; you either have it or you don’t.

One month of high energy performance doesn’t mean we’ve discovered the elixir for highly functioning organizations, but it does mean that we’re on the right track. My promise to the staff and to all the members of AAPA is that I am committed to keeping us on that track.

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