Transportation Research Board’s Seventh Biennial Conference

The Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Seventh Biennial Conference on the Marine Transportation System Innovative Science and Technologies Toward Greater Sustainability will be held June 20-22, in Washington, D.C. Keynote speakers include:

  • Dr. Miriam Goldstein, Director of Ocean Policy, White House Council on Environmental Quality, discussing the Biden-Harris Administration’s whole-of-government Ocean Climate Action Plan.
  • Bo Cerup-Simonsen, CEO, Mærsk McKinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, discussing Accelerating Marine Decarbonization: Progress, Challenges and Best Practices.
  • Ingrid Irigoyen, Director of the Aspen Institute’s Shipping Decarbonization Initiative, discussing The Role of Demand in Driving the Transition to Zero-Emission Shipping: Cracking the Chicken and Egg.

Panels include representatives from Amazon, Blue Sky Maritime Coalition, Mediterranean Shipping Company, and other important stakeholders from the public and private sector involved in sustainability efforts in marine transportation.

Visit the conference website to view the entire program and register.