Navigating the Future of Technology: AAPA’s PPM Capstones Showcase AI and Social Media Activities

Ports are investigating the pivotal role of technology to optimize operations, foster transparent communication, and stay agile in an ever-evolving maritime landscape. This edition of our newsletter showcases two capstone papers completed for AAPA’s Port Professional Manager (PPM®) program by Pavel Skournik and Nimrod Simeon. Pavel and Nimrod wrote papers on the adoption of technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) and social media activities, in the maritime industry.

Pavel’s paper, Applicability of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Maritime Industry and Port Management, introduces the concepts of AI and Machine Learning and their potential application in port operations, planning, scheduling, and traffic safety.

Nimrod’s paper, Seaports and Social Media, presents comprehensive research and analysis of four port’s social media policies and activities during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and discusses the coming storm of AI.

Pavel Skournik is Managing Director of Tidalis Americas LTD, formerly a Saab Group company. Throughout his 25+ year career, Pavel has had the opportunity to shape technology from different angles, in roles such as software developer, deployment engineer, project manager, and business analyst, and has been involved in over 40 port projects in different parts of the world.

Nimrod Simeon is a Cargo Analyst, Global Trade & Business Development and manages a portfolio of more than 100 operator sites for the Foreign Trade Zone 281 under Cargo Development Department at PortMiami. Nimrod is a former Legislative Analyst/Community Liaison for the Office of the Honorable Audrey M. Edmonson, Miami-Dade County, Commissioner District 3.

Pavel and Nimrod’s work inspires us all to embrace the transformative power of technology and social connectivity in charting the course for the future of port management. Port professionals interested in exploring the opportunities provided by AAPA’s professional development programs and initiatives can contact Shannon McLeod.