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FAQs: Metal Over Metal Retrofits

Thought Leadership Article – Advertorial By Dale Nelson, Roof Hugger, LLC Retrofitting older metal building roofs continues to grow in popularity, but there are many questions about what can and cannot be done over an old metal roof. The following are questions that commonly come up about retrofitting an existing metal roofed building. 1. Can you only retrofit 12-inch, on-center ...

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Predicting the Future: Life Cycle Cost Modeling for Waterfront Facilities

Structural rehabilitation of maritime assets | Photo credit: Jacobs It is no secret that the operation of waterfront infrastructure requires substantial investment. Undertaking work along the waterfront is challenging due to the dynamic marine environment, the need for underwater repairs by divers, limited access, the age of existing structures, often harsh environmental conditions, and the need to minimize operational disruptions. ...

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Developing Resilient Ports

Now more than ever is time to think differently about the future — about how we prepare for and respond to natural, societal, and economic risks. How can ports, communities, and governments survive, recover, adapt, and thrive when facing unprecedented risks?

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