Mission Accomplished!

By Tom Gresham

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted plans around the world. Ports, for instance, faced an array of challenges in 2020 that tested their resources in ways that were unprecedented – a series of vicious curve balls thrown at every aspect of their operations. However, ports responded with creativity and resolve to excel in the face of the pandemic and join the broader battles against the virus and its effects in their communities.

Here are some of their stories.

• Port of Long Beach: Setting High Goals for Dual Transactions

• Port of Juneau: Focusing on Improvement Projects

• Port of Anacortes: Succeeding by Sharing, Communicating, Leading

• Port of Montréal: AI-Driven Answers for Critical Cargo

• Port of Hueneme: Creatively Solving Cargo Fluctuations

• Port of Redwood City: Unusual Times, Unusual Solutions

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