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Magnetic Attractions: Shifting Demographics Sway Seaports

Like metal to magnets, supply chains zero in on massive population and consumption centers, and high-volume production belts. Should seaports be concerned with..

March 22, 2019

Institutional Credibility in a Time of New Scrutiny

The port industry serves as a critical cog in the economies of the Western Hemisphere, while maintaining a comparatively low profile in the public’s..

March 22, 2019

Global Economic Outlook

The maritime industry in the Western Hemisphere is indirectly affected by national economies all around the globe. A look at shifting trade patterns and liner..

March 22, 2019

AAPA Seaports Magazine, December 2018: Behind the Scenes

FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK: Ports Behind the Scenes *  By Kurt J. Nagle, President & CEO, American Association of Port Authorities * As public port..

December 19, 2018

Bringing Projects to Life

To grow, seaports have to selectively invest and update. But they can’t do it alone. They call on firms – ranging from global EPCs to small niche..

December 19, 2018

The Art of the Deal

When it comes to port negotiations, what turns ‘maybe’ into ‘yes’? Sometimes, a seemingly insignificant driver can bring a deal to the tipping point...

December 19, 2018

Technology: Your New Right Hand?

Ports interested in streamlining their operations and encouraging the creation of more transparent, more efficient supply chains for their partners are finding..

December 19, 2018

The Changing Faces of Leadership

Ports are embracing diversity in gender and background experience, creating new opportunities and outlooks, especially at the port leadership level. Many of..

December 19, 2018

AAPA Annual Convention Collage

The “Jewel of the Pacific” – Valparaíso, Chile – was the site of the AAPA 107th Annual Convention. Held in October, the event brought together over..

December 19, 2018

AAPA Seaports Magazine, Fall 2018: Modal Deep Dive

FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK: A Pause in Peak Season Right now, AAPA’s members are in the midst of what has traditionally been “peak season” for ports...

August 29, 2018